d-Limonene is a safe cleaning solvent made from nature.  It comes from the oil in a citrus rind.  When citrus fruits are juiced, this oil gets pressed from the rind.  The oil is separated from the juice and steam to create food grade and technical grade d-limonene.

In the recent past, d-limonene has become very popular for things like paint solids, fragrance, and cooling fluid.  However, the biggest growth has been in cleaning products.  d-Limonene can be used straight or diluted with water.

In it’s full-strength state, d-Limonene can be used instead of mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers, and fluorinated and chorinated organic solvents.  d-Limonene is not water soluble, so it can be used in water separation units.  Full-strength d-limonene can be used as a dip bath, wipe cleaner, or spray systems in place of most other organic solvents.

When d-limonene is combined with a surfactant, it can be diluted with water.  This makes it suitable for institutional and household cleaners in place of other cleaning solutions.

In summary, d-limonene is a very safe and versatile chemical which can be used in many different appications.  It is safer and more effective than most other cleaning solutions.