Your product is very versatile and useful. It’s been able to get rid of stains that nothing else has.

I appreciate its easiness to apply. And it’s safe around my son.

Thank you!

Beverly W.

We like Pro-Tek chemical because it can be used to clean so many various sufaces and stains — everything from windows to carpet to tile. Instead of buying a different cleaning liquid for the different areas of my home, we use Pro-Tek (in varying strengths) and it always does the trick.

Jean K.

I really like Pro-Tek. It is great to clean out grease. I use it for everything. It saves me a lot of money on other products. I use it to clean my wall, clean my window, clean up paint. I even use it to clean my carpet. It really works great.

Thank you for a good product.

Donna R.

I love to use it on counters and the stove, especially stuff that’s been stuck on. It’s great for the microwave! My husband even took it to work to clean his restaurant.

Desarae G.

Two days ago my husband accidentally knocked over an entire glass of red wine on our off-white carpeting. I thought for sure that it would never come out and we would be forced to spend money we could not afford on new carpeting.

I soaked up what I could with a dry cloth. Then I grabbed a bottle of a chemical I thought might do a ‘little’ something. It did nothing. I then grabbed my bottle of Pro-Tek Cleaner; which had been sitting on the top shelf of my laundry closet for about two years. I poured it full-strength (what did it matter at that point if I ruined it anymore?) on a small portion of the carpet.

I could not believe my eyes. The stain lifted almost immediately. We proceeded to use it on all of the stain — we put it in a spray bottle. We sprayed and wiped. Unbelievable! I could not imagine that this would ever come out.

The carpeting still has a slightly different color than the rest of the carpet, however, it is tolerable. I do not have to replace my carpet thanks to the Pro-Tek Cleaner.

I was so pleased that I just hd to tell you. Thank you.

Kathryn B.