Alex Lazo gave a well thought out presentation. He was a professional being very aware of his audience, yet very much at ease and knowledgeable. Also kept his trainee abreast of the process with much respect. Alex would be very well suited for a “people” job,keeping interaction going between people with worthwhile pauses. Yes you have a great eco-product with which he was working and he did it justice.

Patricia O.

I just wanted to take the time to say thank you. Jimmy Valocsik distribution #313 came by last week and showed me your wonderful product. My husband was against making the purchase but after taking to the sales man and seeing your product at work I decided that i had to have it. I have to say it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. The sales person was wonderful. He was not pushy or over bearing. He simple told me he has this product and it works very well. If i was interested then great if not then he hoped I had a wonderful day. It was nice having someone come to my house that was not pushy, and didn’t make me feel like I HAD to say yes. He was completely professional, respectful, and personable. I would not have bought the product if it wasn’t for the fact that he showed me the wonderful uses for the cleaner, and then instead of pressure selling it he just left it up to me. Talked to me like I was an old friend and made me feel comfortable that it was my decision. I just wanted to take the time t recognize that this salesman is one of the best I have ever had come to my house. I now after using it love your product and will be recommending it to all my friends and family. I wanted to say thank you, for having such kind respectful sales staff that is really giving your product a good name. Jimmy Valocsik deserves to be recognized as a wonderful salesman and respectful person. Because of him I will be a loyal customer for life, as will all of my family and most of my fiends. Thank you for your time. If you ever are looking for endorsements I will always be happy to give you one! Weather you use my name or not. Sincerely, Heather A. Concord, California

Heather A

I just wanted to let you know how thrilled I am to be able to re-order online. I first came across Protek via a door to door sales guy. I am usually very sceptical about this sort of thing, but I told him if he could get rid of a stain on my carpet that had been there for years, and kept coming back, I would buy the product. He did, and the stain stayed gone, so I bought the cleaner and have been using it for years. The fact that it is environmentally friendly also is a bonus. Thank you!

Meg S

I like the smell. It doesn’t have that nasty cleaner smell. I sprayed a hot chocolate stain on my carpet. The stain came right out. Various other cleaners would not take the stain out. I used it on my son’s shirt after he had broken an ink pen and got ink all over the shirt. It took several tries, but all of the ink came out. I like using Pro-Tek to clean the grease around the stove, too. I have recommended the product to several other friends. I really like how safe it is, too.

Lynette B.

I absolutely love your product. It removes grease, oil & grass stains that get on my clothes at work. I also use it to remove fingerprints from walls, etc. It was great to be able to save money by ordering a gallon jug.

Cindy Y.

I hope you remain in business forever (at least until I’m gone!) I will NEVER buy another laundry aide in my life! Your Pro-Tek removes any & all stains! My son is a bus-boy in a local restaurant. He gets off work late at night, throws his clothes down the chute without me seeing his shirt – a “white” t-shirt is usually covered with ketchup, mustard, coffee, meat juices – everything – I won’t wash it for 5-6 days – I give every stain a shot of Pro-Tek, throw it in & it comes out STAIN-FREE!!!

Your Product is GREAT! Thanks!

Laura D.

I like Pro-Tek because I can use it to clean pretty much everything. I have replaced my kitchen cleaner, bathroom cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, window ceaner, carpet shampoo, laundry pre-treatment and concrete cleaner. It saves me time and money – plus it is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.

Dori K.

I purchased Pro-Tek a year ago and love it! I use it everywhere in the house, from cleaning my kitchen to cleaning the kids shoes, making them look brand new! After a year with the quart size container, I am finally running low. I had planned to purchase another bottle very soon, but to my surprise, I saw 2 new bottles in my garage! I asked my husband where they came from, that I had not ordered them yet. He said, “What do you mean yet? I just got this new cleaning solution today! You have to see how amazing it works!” I laughed and told him that I knew and had been using it in the house for a year. So now we both have a new bottle. Mine for in the house, and my husband’s for outside.

Jamie B.

You must first understand that I am a person who detests sales pitches, etc.! They drive me the other direction, rather than “sell” me on a product. Yesterday evening, as we were getting ready to close our garage door and pretty much end the day, a young man showed up “peddling” Pro-Tek. He introduced himself as “Brett” (our son’s name… which didn’t hurt his cause any! :-)). He started in a mile a minute, but it wasn’t long until he had us “considering” his product. We reached a point where my husband was interested enough to go in the house and try Pro-Tek on his shower, which is always a horrible mess. While we are both long-time Shaklee users, especially their Basic-H, when my husband came back out of the house he was grinning from ear to ear. I asked if it worked and he said “like a charm!” I asked “better than Basic-H?” and he said yes! So, against Brett’s protests that we weren’t getting the best deal, we bought a quart. I have a strong feeling that we’re beginning a long-term love affair with your product. I will keep you updated. At this point, I’m writing as much praise of Brett as I am in praise of your product. He was totally straightforward, had the answers to EVERY question we asked, and was actually a very bright spot in our day. In today’s culture, it takes a lot of belief in yoiur product to attempt door-to-door sales, when you’re more likely to reach extreme resistance (or, unfortunately, rudeness) than anything. Kudos to Brett for a fantastic and actually enjoyable presentation.

Carol F.

I have found many uses for the product and am very pleased with the results. I have used it to clean the driveway, carpets, woodwork and windows.

Great product!

Ann T.