ShowerStart Roadrunner II

ShowerStart Roadrunner II




Product Description

Mail in Rebate for Arizona and Nevada
30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee!


Features: Specifications:
Superior Performance
WaterSence Certification
Full Body Spray with 54 Nozzles
Pressure Compensation to Maximize Water FlowShowerStart Technology
Saves Water & Energy
Lowers Utility Bills
Tells When The Shower is Ready
Keeps Hot Water from Running Down Drain Before You Get in the Shower

Premium Quality
Solid Brass Fittings
Anti-Clog Spray Nozzles

ShowerStart Technology
Automatically activates when water reaches 95°F/35°C
Automatically resets after each showerSpray Pattern
Full body spray pattern
54 anti-clog spray nozzles

Flow Rates
1.5 gpm, 5.7 L/min maximum flow rate at 80 PSI
1.3 gpm, 4.9 L/min minimum flow rate at 45 PSI

Designed for use in home with water pressure above 20 PSI
Attaches to any shower arm with industry standard 1/2″ fittings

Dimensions & Weight
3″/7.6 cm spray face
9.5 oz/.27 kgCodes & Certifications
Meets ANSI code a112.18.1, 1062
UPC Certification
WaterSence Certification

Limited lifetime warranty – 3 years from date of puechase, see details inside


Additional Information

Weight 0.59375 lbs
Dimensions 3 x 3 x 3.5 in