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Pro-Tek HD is committed to the planet’s health and yours!

Biodegradable Ozone Safe Non-Toxic
VOC Compliant No Ammonia Recyclable Container
No Phosphates No Toxins No Bleach
No SLS No SLES No Acids
No Solvents No VOC’s

Manufactured with old-fashioned American pride

Pro-Tek HD is heavy duty cleaner with a nice cherry-almond scent to deodorize effectively even under the worst conditions.  This versatile product can be used in a wide variety of applications, both indoors and out.

Pro-Tek HD Competes with Conventional Degreasers

Pro-Tek HD can remove most tar, resins, adhesives, asphalt, and most soils that are cleaned by conventional degreasers.  It’s also great for deodorizing and maintaining hoses, pipes, tubing, and drains.  This citrus cleaner is great for degreasing equipment, cleaning trucks, motors, generators, and metal. MSDS available by clicking here.

Pro-Tek HD is Environmentally Friendly

Because Pro-Tek HD is made with natural ingredients,  it’s safe enough to use indoors and out.

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