Citrus Oil Cleaner, Blaze HD is committed to the planet’s health and yours!

Biodegradable Ozone Safe Non-Toxic
VOC Compliant No Ammonia Recyclable Container
No Phosphates No Toxins No Bleach
No SLS No SLES No Acids
No Solvents No VOC’s

Manufactured with old-fashioned American pride

Blaze HD is an organic extract with an extremely strong citrus scent to deodorize effectively even under the worst conditions.  This versatile product can be used in a wide variety of applications, both indoors and out.  Made with the natural citrus oil d-limonene.

Citrus Oil Cleaner Competes with Conventional Degreasers

Blaze HD, made with citrus oil, can remove most tar, resins, adhesives, asphalt, and most soils that are cleaned by conventional degreasers.  It’s also great for deodorizing and maintaining hoses, pipes, tubing, and drains.  This citrus cleaner is great for degreasing equipment, cleaning trucks, motors, generators, and metal.  MSDS available by clicking here.

Citrus Oil Cleaner is Environmentally Friendly

Because Blaze HD is made with organic extracts, it has a great, fresh citrus scent that is strong enough to deodorize the worst conditions.  Even nasty drain smells are no match for Blaze HD.  It’s safe enough to use indoors and out.

About Protek Chemical, Inc.

At Protek Chemical, Inc., we are committed to helping customers simplify their cleaning. To that end, we have developed business janitorial supplies in Glenns Ferry, ID. Thanks to experience and skill, we have created a strong cleaning formula that can fill a variety of roles. Whether for your home or business, we are confident you will enjoy using our Blaze HD cleaner and degreaser. Learn more about our company, and how we conduct business.

Our company is a firm believer in producing “Inspired Chemicals.” In other words, we synthesize our creativity with a spirit of innovation to engineer products with unsurpassed excellence. Through our efforts, we have formulated a variety of household chemicals and cleaners that are ready for virtually any task. Whether you are cleaning stubborn grease from pots and pans, or the sludge and oil from automotive parts, you’ll find our products to be indispensable tools in your cleaning and housekeeping kits.

Blaze HD: A Product with Many Uses

With its high strength, pleasant scent, and non-toxic composition, our Blaze HD cleaner and degreaser will be a welcome addition to your cleaning kit. Homeowners and business owners turn to our product, time and again, to clear stains and make spaces sanitary.

Blaze HD is a biodegradable degreaser and cleaning solution. It can deodorize even the toughest smells, and it can even clear away gunk, grime, and oils. This concentrated solution doesn’t use harsh acids, meaning it will not corrode or damage metals, tubing, or pipes.

Whether as a stainless steel cleaner or heavy-duty cleanser, you’ll find Blaze HD a useful tool in your kit. We like to say our product has more than 50 different uses–versatility you can turn to day in, day out.

Proudly Made in the United States

The people of the United States have always had a culture of ingenuity and continual improvement. It is this commitment to true, American ideals that inspire us to do more–and be better. Likewise, we believe in building our community and our fellow citizen.

To that end, our company is proud to create a product in the land we call, “Home.” Our products are born and bred in the United States. The materials we use to make Blaze HD are sourced throughout the country, and all products are manufactured in American production centers.

When you order from us, you can have confidence knowing you are buying products that carry on a spirit of hard work, dedication, and quality. Although our flagship products are orange, we infuse each batch with the spirit of the Red, White, and Blue.

Contact us to learn more about our heavy-duty cleaning solutions. Our company is located in Glenns Ferry, ID.

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